You are required to formulate a 250-word argument for or against each of two of the following
controversial statements.

  1. Work-life balance is only of importance to mothers
  2. The economic benefits of modern slavery outweigh any reputational damage for firms
  3. A person’s commitment to their job decreases as they age
  4. A focus on managing diversity is incompatible with ensuring equality at work.

Briefly summarized, an argument includes:

  • An assertion which responds to your chosen statement
  • Reason(s) why this assertion should be accepted; and
  • Evidence for why the reason(s) are valid/ convincing

It is not enough to just assert something, say it is important, then add a reference. You will need to explain your reasoning behind your thinking and support that with evidence why that reason should be accepted as a good one.
In academic work, evidence is usually in the form of references to high quality research, statistics, or views from other reputable authorities (such as industry bodies or trade unions for example). You should include one list of references at the end of your two 250-word arguments. Remember you can complete this assignment to a high standard even if you do not feel sure of your personal position on the issue – think of the number of lawyers who know their client is guilty, but still mount a case for their innocence anyway!

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