You have previously worked with descriptive statistics. As noted previously, the most commonly used descriptive statistics are measures of central tendency including mean, median, and mode. In this assignment, you will use SPSS to enter data and answer some basic questions about the data set you entered. Then, you will use SPSS to create a bar graph of the data.
General Requirements:
Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

Open SPSS (for help see the attached file, SPSS Installation Instructions).
Enter the vaules from the Data Set (below) into SPSS. The values represent the height (in inches) of a sample of men and women.
Obtain an output with highlighted values for the following statistics for each gender:

  • Frequency Count
  • Mean
  • Standard Deviation
  • Minimum
  • Maximum

Use SPSS to create a bar graph using gender (axis X) and height (axis Y).
Cut and paste the output and bar graph into a Word document
Data Set:
Men: 74, 71, 75, 62
Female: 62, 68, 61, 71, 68, 80
Please complete the following assignment. I have attached the instructions for reference. Once you open document for instructions you will need to click on the hyperlink. Login is KCoyle2 and Pasword is Twinzees96, for this assignment, If any issues please let me know.

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