You will begin by using the three files you completed in Project 5. This project will require the use repetition and arrays. You will need an array in main to hold Student objects, which are made up of instance data, Address objects, and an array of Course objects. Create a LastNameFirstInitial.Project6 folder. Reuse the file. Reuse the file. Reuse the file. Make sure you are in the file when you compile and run. If you have no run-time errors and your output matches the output in the last page, you are ready to begin making the modifications in the next step. Modify the Student class as follows: Each Student object should also contain an array for a schedule (collection) of courses. The instance variable declaration will look something like this: private Course[] schedule; A Student can register for as many as 6 classes per semester and up to 3 semesters in advance Modify the constructors so that each Student has a schedule. Modify the toString method so the Student schedule is printed AFTER the student’s name and address. If you are reusing code from Project 5, comment out the code that prints test scores and average. Use a for-loop to print the student’s schedule. Create a class for a Course that contains the following instance variables (all can be Strings): Term (e.g., 20151 for Fall 2014, 20152 for Spring 2015, 20152 for Summer 2015) Course Number (e.g., 368010) Location – Building and Room Number (e.g., E207, M2102) Instructor (Lastname, Firstname as one String with a comma in the middle – “Rice, Condoleezza”). Your Course needs a constructor that sets all instance values based on parameter values. Use a static variable like count to keep up with the number of courses you create (for all Students). Your Course class will need four methods to SET the instance variables. Your Course class will need four methods to GET the instance variables.

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