Your assignment is to present a discussion to explain ONE the following concepts to three different audiences. You are to write the paper as though you were in an auditorium personally speaking with each of the target groups. The first audience will be a group of middle school students; the second, an audience of new family starters; and the final group is an audience of senior retirees. You will meet with each of these audiences separately and during your presentation, be sure to use examples that would resonate with each audience. This is important. Use examples that would be appropriate for each demographic. (Using skateboards to make your point probably would not work well for senior retirees.)
Select only ONE topic from among the following topics to make your presentations.
Topic A: Payroll and various forms of employee remuneration
Topic B: Compound interest-Promissory notes, discounts, values
Topic C: Fractions, decimals & percents-as used in business transactions
Topic D: Mortgages-Variable, fixed, rates, payments, amortization
Topic E: Consumer Credit: Types, benefits and drawbacks of each
For whichever topic that you choose, (and only choose one topic) be sure to include actual mathematical examples similar to those presented in the text but tailored to each of the three age group audiences. Your paper will include an introduction which identifies the topic that you have chosen and then describes, in some detail, the salient components of the topic. The next sections will contain your presentations for each of the three age group demographics replete with examples, formulas and diagrams, if appropriate. The final section will consist of a summary of your paper.
When choosing your examples, select articles from current periodicals or newspapers to support your presentation. You should choose at least one article for each of the three age groups. Be sure to list the sources of the articles in your list of references which will follow your summary and conclusions section.
Your research presentation paper should be at least five pages in length but no more than seven pages. The title and reference pages do not count in the total number of pages required. The paper should be double spaced with a one inch margin top and bottom and on each side. Do not include extensive graphics, diagrams or pictures in order to bulk up your page count. Use Times New Roman, Arial or Courier font, 11-12 points size. Failure to strictly adhere to these guidelines will result in lost points on your paper.

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