Group Project (30%)
Your group was hired by a research team from the Faculty of Resource Science & Technology, UNIMAS to build a text-based system (using Java) for cataloguing marine turtle specimens. For each specimen caught by the team, the following vital statistics are recorded before the specimen is released back to the sea:

  1. Species (Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green, Flatback, Hawksbill, Kemp’s ridley or Olive ridley)
  2. Weight (in kg)
  3. Length (in cm)
  4. Number of working flippers (2, 1 or 0)

Plus, time, date and location (for example, Santubong, Sematan or Telaga Air) of the sampling event[1].
The system should have the following basic functionalities:

  1. enter a new record
  2. view an existing record
  3. edit an existing record
  4. delete an existing record

and the following two more advanced functionalities:

  1. search for an existing record
  2. generate a summary report that can be filtered by location and date range.

The exact implementation of the features is based on your own ideas and creativity. Please refer to the rubric on how to score marks for this group exercise. Good luck!

  0m 2m 4m
Number of implemented classes and interfaces Less than 2
Less than 2
2 classes
2 interfaces
2 classes or more
7 interfaces or more
Basic functionalities Less than 2 from
(a.) to (d.) are working
At least 2 from (a.) to (d.) are working correctly All basic functionalities, i.e., (a.) to (d.), are working correctly
Search function Does not exist / Is not working Search query can only involve one
field at a time,
Search for records that fulfil the following criteria:
between 5kgs8kgs
Search query can involve two fields (or more) at a time,
Search for records that fulfil the following criteria: “between 5kgs-8kgs” and
caught in Santubong
Summary Report Does not exist / Is not working Can only generate a single, unfiltered report. Can generate report that can be filtered either by location, or by date range, or by both.
Text-based menu & Flow Confusing / Does not make sense Acceptable Very well-designed and logical.


  0 (0m) 1 (3m) 2 (5m) 3 (7m) 4 (10m)
Peer Grading Missing-inaction (MIA) Low effort – only attended a few of the discussion sessions. Moderate
effort – participated in discussions but did not contribute during the coding phase.
Good effort – participated in discussions, contribute a bit during the coding phase. Excellent effort – A real team player, participated in discussions and was involved during the coding phase.

[1] The event where the specimen is caught by the research team.

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